Garden planning….



So this week I had grand plans to get properly stuck into gardening – Ground Force style. I wanted to make some beautiful newspaper pots to grow sweet little seedlings in, and create a little growing station in my sitting room. I also wanted to plan out, and start to dig in my flower beds to the front of the house, to create the flower garden I had been daydreaming about during all the crazy winter weather. However, after speaking with my mother in-law Kate, who is the oracle of all things gardening related, we decided that really it is FAR too early to be planting seeds. Also the weather this weekend is pretty wet and misty, so I decided this week needed to be about planning….


I both love and hate this time of year, weather-wise. I love that there can be thick snow, and mist one day, then the next it is glorious sunshine and spring feels like it has arrived. This week it seemed like when the snow began to melt all of the birds decided to come back, so the garden has just rang with the chattering of what sounds like hundreds of birds. The enormous thicket of blackthorn is where they all seem to congregate, like it is the all-you-can-eat buffet on a cross channel ferry, and it is making me seriously question my plans to thin some of it…. But, like with the arrival of surprise spring weather, there is also the possibility of it changing again and being absolutely dreadful, which is what has happened today. Our cottage is shrouded in thick mist, and it is drizzling, and generally pretty grim. So it is very nice to be sat, with the wood burner blasting, drinking tea and planning all the exciting things we are going to do in our garden this year.



I decided to organise my garden to do list into short term, medium term and long term things, and also to draw a picture of the garden, to get a proper visual of what it is we want to do. Now, I am not good at drawing – this would be very apparent if you were to see my garden plan! But it has really helped to see it all laid out like this. It will also be really useful when deciding on the order in which to do things.


In the short term list are our plans to dig in the flower beds, which is currently just a patch of rough ground/grass, with one small bed running the length of the house. Make raised beds, and fill them with muck, ready for our vegetables/fruit bushes. And to make those Pinterest-worthy newspaper pots to plant seedlings in. The medium term list involves a bit more muscle; digging out the pond, which is all overgrown and also just covered in odd bits of timber; planting a hedgerow to run down the righthand side of the garden; and building a raised area in the trees to have a dining table and a barbecue. The long term list should really be called the ‘if someone kind suddenly gives us a lot of cash’ list, and includes the cabin/timber-clad workshop for Jonny. But it’s good to imagine these things, even if some of them are a long way in the future. It would be boring if it all happened at once anyway wouldn’t it?





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