Winter Light


I decided instead of searching for reasons not to leave the house this winter, I would try immersing myself in it. Focus my energy on searching for beauty in all the bleakness and decay, instead of hiding from it. The awkward silhouettes of hawthorn trees that have shed their leaves; a husk of a thistle, opaque and brittle. The joy of waking up one morning to find everything covered in a delicate layer of frost, reflecting the light like thinly cut diamonds. Going for a long walk with an insane amount of layers on, and gradually peeling each one away as the day slowly warms. Or, even better, getting to that point where you realise you no longer need to wear your gloves or scarf to begin with. That’s the best. In a lot of ways winter is more interesting for photography than summer, when everything is in full bloom and the sun is so generous with the light.  If you wish to capture more interesting light in the summer you have to get up really early, and go out really late – so photography really becomes a far more antisocial pastime. Whereas in the winter I can just pop my coat on over the top of my pyjamas and head out for a while before breakfast. Hurrying slightly to avoid bumping into my neighbours…



  1. I am making peace with our Iowa winters. Far better way to live by enjoying each day rather than to complain . I have discovered such beauty and marvel as the earth awakens every spring , blooms in summer and reaches a crescendo in fall. It is amazing how the trees and plants survive such frigid conditions and realize it is because of winter they have their splendor. Your blog has added to my appreciation for winter. Thank you for sharing . Many winter blessings 💫

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    1. Ah thank you so much! I think that is so true. Yes I feel the same way in spring – after winter each year, it almost feels like you are experiencing it for the first time. And I am sure your Iowa winters are far more intense than ours! Not long till the spring equinox – I think I might celebrate it this year! ❤️


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