Lockdown Life


This week, as the UK lockdown restrictions have started to slowly lift, as if in response, the skies here have darkened and a solid week of rain has been forecasted (which I am secretly very happy about.) It means that hopefully the garden will get a good watering, which after two months of almost no rain, it desperately needs. It has honestly felt like we are living in the Mediterranean these past few weeks – the earth has been so dry, and my walks in the woods have been heavy with the scent of hot, dry trees. Which has been incredible, don’t get me wrong, but I am hoping for a lot of rain. Another benefit of this change is that I can finally get inside and work on my indoor to-do list – at the top of which is to write this long overdue blog post…


Although in lots of ways the world has transformed into a scary dystopian vision, complete with maniacal (or in our case just totally incompetent) world leaders, desperate protests, and a looming economic recession… life here at Blackthorn Cottage has just become a lot simpler. I feel very fortunate in this respect, as I am so aware that for so many people life has become extremely complicated and difficult.  But here it’s all just become even more outdoor focused for us – Monty Don would be proud. I have been gardening furiously – pruning trees, digging in lots of new flower borders/vegetable beds,  growing wildflower plugs, and going for incredibly long walks with Frank. Instead of following our usual routes, we have been exploring new footpaths, walking much longer distances, and going for occasional swims together (I didn’t even know Frank could swim before this!) It has been an unexpected joy, in all of this craziness, to discover that I actually prefer living more simply. My teaching work has been moved to the online world, so in between lessons instead of sitting in my car, I can weed flowerbeds, read in the garden, or take Frank for a walk. Which is a lot better than just sitting in my car, scrolling on my phone. I do miss the face to face chats with my students though, and hearing what a violin actually sounds like, not just how it sounds through computer speakers…


One of the best changes to happen in the last few weeks, is that we can now go for walks with friends and family members, which has been wonderful. So these past couple of weeks I have been really enjoying meeting people in various beautiful spots for long chatty walks, and the occasional swim. It was on one of those aforementioned walks that these woodland photos were taken – in a beautiful wood not far from us, at a place called waters-meet. I met my friend Sarah there after work, and we walked in the dappled early evening sunshine, talking about our new lockdown lives and admiring the hundreds of wildflowers. It wasn’t a fancy meal, a trip to the cinema, or a weekend away, but it was pretty wonderful. And in these uncertain times, it’s these simple pleasures that make you feel grounded and connected with the outside world. I hope you are all safe and well, wherever you are in the world x






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  1. Our leader, though I am loathe to call him a leader, here in the United States is not only incompetent, he is also maniacal, evil, a racist, a misogynist, hateful – I could go on.

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  2. Beautiful photos and a lovely post. I live in the U.S. and in our state the lockdown has been lifted, but much too quickly and as a result our cases are soaring. So I remain home as much as possible but have been feeling rather sad from missing my family, who mostly live in “hot spots” or out of state. A long droughty heat wave has made it hard to go out and enjoy nature so feeling rather cooped up at the moment. Your timely message today was a reminder to me to count my blessings and make the best of things. So happy to see you back at the blog and thank you for the much needed inspiration! Stay safe and be well ❤️

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    • Ah that’s so kind, thank you. I’m sorry things are so difficult where you are right now – these are such uncertain times. I hope things start to improve soon and that the heatwave passes. Being able to go outside has been the thing I have found most beneficial during this time. I hope you’ll be able to be outside again soon. Take care & stay safe x


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